A Complete Line of High Quality Dog Grooming Products from USA

Biovite OB Shampoo
  • Revitalizes damaged hair & skin
  • Stimulates hair growth cycle
  • Conditions for a full week
  • Helps retard shedding

Deep Cleansing Shampoo 
  • Luxurious sheen
  • Deep cleansing
  • High lathering

Puppy Shampoo

  • Mild, non-drying shampoo
  • Cleanses coat gently and leaves a fresh scent
  • Safe for puppies 6 weeks of age or older
  • Great for using during your puppy’s first year

Condition Plus
  • Fantastic control and sheen
  • Keeps coat from matting
  • Conditions for a full week
  • Leaves coat static free

Ultimate Detangle Spray 
  • Removes tangles 
  • Prevents staining
  • Repels dirt and urine

Magic Touch Concentrate ja Spray
  • Luxurious sheen
  • No heavy buil-up
  • Repels dirt
  • Prevents coat matting
  • Shampoos out easily

Bodifier Texturizing Spray Concentrate
  • Adds sheen & bounce to coat
  • Rich in conditioners
  • Anti-static
  • Firms coat texture

Grooming Powder     
  • Cleans and adds body to coat
  • Designed NOT to make coat brittle

Clip Eze
  • Prevents clipper burn
  • Helps clipper & scissors maintain their sharpness
  • Cuts your trimming time in half

Liminator Odor Cause Digestor

  • Totally digests odor due to urine and feces
  • Works on wood, concrete, gravel, carpets, upholstery etc.
  • Will not harm colorfast fabrics or grass


  • Gently bleaches white hair
  • Removes most stains without making coat brittle
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