Biovite OB Shampoo using direction

Lively, high lathering amazingly active bubbles are fortified with Biotin/Panthenol vitamin and Allantoïn. Crown Royale Biovite deep cleanses and conditions both coat and skin, and revitalizes damaged hair. Crown Royale Biovite's unique formulation stimulating the skin and accelerating the metabolism of inert cells. Formulated to brighten the Whites and intensify blacks and other colors. This technological breakthrough promotes healthy skin, retards shedding and promotes hair growth.

  • Place in a bowl one-part shampoo, 10 to 20 parts water, and more, depending of the dog's hair, and stir until mixed. If you prefer to use an applicator bottle, mix 1 part shampoo to 2 parts water, stir.
  • Then add 4 to 15 parts and more water and stir thoroughly wet coat to remove loose dirt with a big sponge or the shower spray and until the skin is fully damp.
  • Apply shampoo with sponge or applicator and massage until rich creamy lather appears (this is what makes the difference! No heavy bubbly foam but a rich creamy lather which penetrates and nourishes skin and hair).
  • Let lather remain on hair a full five minutes or massage lightly the body of your dog for five minutes (he will love it!), then rinse.
  • The coat will not feel squeaky clean as the conditioner remains attached to the hairshaft after the shampoo is rinsed off.
  • As soon as the water runs clear the shampoo is out of the coat.
  • To achieve the ultimate effect of our shampoo, or if your dog has flaking, lather a second time and rinse.
  • After shampoo we recommend using Crown Royale Condition Plus or Crown Royale Bodifier.
  • Blow-dry for full effect. For that extra special finish, use Crown Royale Magic Touch. Brush into coat till dry.

Biotine/Phantenol,Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Beatine, Calendula extract, Huile d'avocat, Soap bark extract, Chamomille extract, Aloe, Hops extract, Cherry bark extract, Neutral Henna, extrat, Water Etc.

250 ml 10 eur) dilute 1:10
470 ml (18 eur)
3,8 l (70 eur)

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