We would like to thank our long-term partners dog-kennels and other friends, who have used our grooming products for many years. We hope to continue and to be helpful to you with grooming your pets in the future!

Kennel Allure Island - Samoyed dog
Kennel Crystal Zone - Australian Shepherd
Kennel Dilina Royal - Pomeranian, German miniature spitz
Kennel Free Choice - Black Russian terrier, shar pei and  lhasa apso
Kennel Fidelitas Fides - Lhasa apso and american buldog
Kennel Hellkihv - Siberian husky
Kennel Oshanameh - Afghan hound
Kennel Peak River - Australian sheepdog
Kennel Pilgrimage - Samoyed dog, miniature wire-haired dachshunds
Kennel Private Stefal - Bernese mountain dog
Kennel Pushisty Soblazn - Black poodle
Kennel Ridon Hennet -  Bernese mountain dog
Kennel Silverwhite - Samoyed dog, papillon
Kennel Silversmile - Samoyed dog
Kennel Tregai - Germain miniature spitz
Kennel Triumph-Show  -  Afghan hound
Kennel Tähekiir - Samoyed dog, shiba inu, american akita
Kennel Vinca Thore - Irish setter
Kennel Waterbear - Newfoundland dog, irish terrier

Kennel Chic Choix - Lhasa Apso
Kennel Clearing Pond - Golden retrivers
Kennel Kylmala Zoo - Lhasa apso, Welsh corgi cardigan
Kennel Nice Choice - Lhasa apso
Kennel Punapaulan - Afghan hound, poodles and siamese cats
Kennel Sirkiss - Scottish terriers

Kennel Kenventaki - Samoyed dog, papillon
Kennel Smiling Miracle - Samoyed dog

Kennel Mažoji lokė - Samoyed dog

Kennel Lingrey - Miniature Poodle, Small Poodle
Kennel Newskogo Hobbita - Belgian Griffon
Kennel Poroskino - Black Russian terrier
Kennel Terravirtus - Norfolk Terrier, Berenese Mountain Dog, Riesenschnautser,Zwergschnautser etc.

Kennel Midnight Bear - Newfoundland dog
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